Harlow & Donzel

Super loving and sideways kisser Mija is ready for LOVE! CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO!

  • Breed: Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes
  • Age: 10 years
  • Sex: Female & Male

Harlow and Donzel are a ten-year-old brother and sister companion pair. They are 8 & 10 pound Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes. They are total love bugs, giving kisses to strangers! They are quiet and cuddly. Their owner dumped them at a kill facility even though the worker said they would be euthanized! They were neglected medical care that we have been rehabilitating them. Harlow is blind in one eye and she will need eye drops in the other eye every day. She has a mild heart murmur that does not require medications at this time.She received a dental cleaning with the rest of her vetting. She is always being silly rolling in the grass and beds! Donzel has a grade 5 heart murmur and is on three heart medications. We have not been able to do his neuter and dental because he just started on medication. We would like him to be on the meds for a few months before doing another pre-op cardio workup to determine if he can go under anesthesia. If he can we will cover it at our vet. Donzel puts his chin on your shoulder to hug you when you are holding him. He is always giving you those loving HUG ME eyes that you can't resist! They are very affectionate and social meeting new people and small dogs. We have had them at events and they are playful. Harlow has her own happy dance and Donzel has a tushie wiggle they do for attention! LOL! Some of Harlow's Eye meds and Donzel's heart meds can be purchased for less on GoodRX app. Also, Wallmart has the heart meds for way less than the vet. Here are the vet prices

Harlow's Eyes: Tacrolimus MCT 0.03% Oph Sol15ml bottle $42 this is close to 3 months supply. Donzel's Heart: Vetmedin 1.25mg 50ct. $50 This is a month supply. Enapril 2.5mg 30ct  $25 He takes a half of these once a day. This is approximately a two months supply. Lasix 12.5mg  30ct $12 He takes a half of these once a day. This is approximately a two months supply. NON MEDICATIONS BUT SUGGESTED: They both are on over the counter Genteal eye gel that is about $8 a tube once a day. They are both on nonprescription, Dave's brand, Joint formula canned food available on or at most Woof Gang Bakery's. You can give them any holistic refrigerated or canned food and add joint supplements as well. This is helpful with Harlow's arthritis but good for both! Their combined adoption fee for the pair is $200 to go towards their vetting and specialists (vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm/Ehrlichia/Lyme test, fecal test, pre-op blood work, dental cleaning, and microchip). If you are interested in adopting please fill out the adoption application}

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