Maxwell Benton

Velcro Chihuahua waiting to be your constant companion! CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO!

MaxwellBenton B
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Age: 7 years
  • Sex: Male

Here is Maxwell Benton a 7 year old 5 pound Chihuahua ready to be your constant companion! He is wonderful with other small dogs but mainly wants to be near you. He has a super soft coat with a blue-gray sheen to it. He has received a dental cleaning with a couple extractions and is healthy. He a debonair little man and is all about loving his people! A Little A NOT FROM HIS FOSTER MOM: Maxwell Benton, aside from being fearful of new people he really is a fantastic little guy! Rides nicely in the car, house trained, healthy, good with dogs, sticks to you like glue, happy, kissy, calm energy and very smart. This little guy is looking for his special person to be with forever. He's available for adoption thru Get a Life Pet Rescue. Give him and chance and he will be your constant lil companion. Sleeps thru the night under the covers and never makes a peep. He is loyal beyond words, happy, tail waggy, kissy, stares at you, keeps tabs on you, follows you into the bathroom -- but in the cutest way -- not needy, but just "hey! whatcha doing? Can I come?"His adoption fee is $300 to go towards his vetting (vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm/Ehrlichia/Lyme test, fecal test, pre-op blood work, dental cleaning, and microchip). If you are interested please fill out the adoption application}

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