Raji when came to us!

He was rescued from a breeder with four other Pomeranians; Shatzi, Sinora, Natalia and Sir Logan ! Only Shatzi had a few teeth left since they were only fed enough to stay alive and breed. They were left to eat their feces to sustain them selves. Raji was only three pounds and had very little fur from Demodex Mange which is brought on by stress. He and the others were afraid to walk around their foster home since all they ever knew were crates. They had ear mites, coccidia, tape worms & round worms. They all were adopted and in time adjusted well. Raji’s parents regularly send updates and share photos of his improvement.  





Seventeen months after being adopted, Raji became ill and the vets could not figure out what was causing him to wheeze. After a series of x-rays and tests they found a rare heart deformity and started treatment. The vets believed the deformity was to be from bad breeding. It was suggested maybe from inter breeding the same bloodline too close, like Mother and son. Unfortunately the treatment did not have a chance to help Raji. He was only five years old.



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