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Bamse, that was adopted to Malene (former volunteer) three years ago. Well over the last few days had been ill. Just drastically lost energy so the vets ran several tests and all they could find were a small trace of kidney stones and a bladder infection. His full blood panel showed all his organs & levels were NORMAL! The vet suggested medication and Bamse went home. The next day he was collapsing in the water bowl so Malene and her husband Bo demanded the vets to give them a better diagnosis because they did not want Bamse to suffer while the vets wait it out.

The test were taken and the answers were given. Baby Bamse had several ailments he was battling as his organs were failing. He was humanely euthanized as Mommy Malene gave him kisses.

His story is remarkable in that he survived so much and stayed a trooper till the end. His original owners dropped him off at Animal Control (high kill shelter), till the Humane Society (low kill shelter) took him on the date to be euthanized. He was able to stay with the HS over a month. Then CHESED Rescue was called because the HS could not keep him any longer. CHESED rescue saved him again and placed Bamse into a foster home! It was good at first with the big foster dogs but when Bamse’s personality clashed they called GALPR. I fostered Bomse for 8 months. Malene would come over and treat him like a baby, joking about taking him home. I would always say he was not a match for her other two Shih Tzu mixes.

Then she and her husband got serious and wanted to adopt. I said no because he was a nipper and would start fights with other dogs due to his vision… After proving and promising to me he was meant to be theirs, Bamse became one of the boys! It took about three months with an array of behavioral techniques Malene and Bo worked on them selves!
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Over time Bamse became socialized with new people and enjoyed the parks, beach and traveled the country by car! He had a home, his own people with devoted love for him! Even after he bit Malene and she ended up with stitches on her lip! The only health concern was Bamse’s sight. They had him at eye specialists and vets at the different places they had moved over time and no one saw any other problems with him! I would think with him seeing at least 7 vets plus the eye specialist someone would have caught one of the many things ailing him! I guess it was all was meant to be hidden!

He experienced the pampered side of life, he experienced love, was on TV for Mod Dog Boutique helping Rescue Dogs, got to smell and see places beyond his wildest dreams, he found trust- even with a man he eventually barked Daddy.

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Video: Megan On The Move: Mod Dog

My Deepest Gratitude to Malene & Bo for giving Bamse the best days of his life!



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