Maya's Home!

Maya is a tiny Shih Tzu who was found in a rain storm late at night tied to a park bench! YES! When we received her she was so dehydrated we gave her subcutaneous fluids as we cut he matted fur away. She had matted fur covering her paw pads making her feet look like Q-Tips! With in the matted fur had flea nests and weed burrs buried in them. She could barely walk with the mats around her rear legs. Most of her body fur was eaten away from the fleas. The eye mucus clumps could not be cut away and it took a few baths to loosen the fur enough to clip the fur away.  Still with all the neglect she was affectionate and a pure joy! Her adoptive family pamper her every need and want, hoping she will never remember her past.








2 months in Foster Care




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