Ella Home With Brother Zack!!!

Ella’s original owner died and she was bounced around the family before surrendered to us. Ella was a shy sheltered baby girl who needed a calm understanding home. We thought we found that in a mature couple, but they did not ended up that way! No worries, because sweet Ella’s angels adopted her and they find her to be divine, just as she was in foster care! This young couple worked to socialize Ella and now she is a certified therapy dog! YES!!!

A year later the same angels, adopted Zack who was having anxiety issues in his home when the child, he slept with, would visit the other parents home. Now Zack is having a blast playing with his sister and being pampered by his family! Amazing how these two babies over came their challenges and ended up with each other!

We Are Forever Grateful!



Ella Won 2nd In The Juice It Up Fashion Show



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